Hidden GitHub features that you have not used before

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🔥 Github’s Web-based editor
The web-based editor is a free, lightweight editor environment to create and commit code changes directly from your repository. You can open any GitHub repository in the web-based editor in the following ways:

Pressing the dot ( . ) key while browsing any repository on GitHub.

🔥 Opening GitHub Jupyter Notebooks directly in Colab
You can also open a Github notebook directly in Colab. Replace github with githubtocolab in the URL, leaving everything else untouched. This opens the same notebook in Colab.

🔥 Keyboard Shortcuts
t — quickly jump through files (similar to cmd+T in VI or Text Mate)
w — quickly switch branches
s — search
? — keyboard shortcuts help

🔥 Creating a profile-level README
You can also customize your GitHub profile page to include information that you would like to showcase.

- The Github profile Readme is a public repository containing a README .md file and appears at the top of your profile page.

- All the content you want to showcase on your Github page should be included in this README .md file. However, there are few points to keep in mind:

- The name of the repository should match your GitHub username. For example, if your username is octo, the repository name must be octo.

- The repository should be public. There should be a README .md file in the root of the repository, and it should be populated with some content.

🔥 Octotree
Octotree is a browser extension that enhances GitHub code review and exploration. It helps you navigate directories and open files with a familiar tree-like structure.

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