How to prepare for Google Summer of Code 2022?

Let’s talk about the most important topic — how to prepare for Google Summer of Code? and what are the key points that one should keep in mind while applying?

Update — The list of projects and organisations participating in GSoC 22 is out now.

- Decide your tech Stack
This point is really important. Take your time and decide which technology you are good at for Example web development, Android Development, AI/ML etc. Most of the time people are confused about which org to contribute to because they don’t decide their tech stack first.

- Now Finalize your Organisation
Once you have decided on your tech stack it’s time to fix your Organisation as per your tech stack. Go through the code base of the organisation, create some issues, make some PRs and don’t forget to join their community.

- Project Selection
Every Organisation will have projects listed on their idealist. Go through the projects. Once you have finalized the project, contact the mentor of that project and ask him about what all things are required for the project. Keep things formal and ask genuine doubts.

- Be active in the community
Every Organisation will have some form of community. It could be a slack channel, discourse panel or something else. Make sure to join their community give a nice introduction and help others with their doubts. Try to put our problem in the discussion before creating a GitHub issue, so that others can also contribute to this problem.

- Update Social Media handles
Update your LinkedIn and Github profile. Keep all genuine information on your profile and remove everything else. if you have made any projects don’t forget to upload them on Github. Your mentor might visit your social media accounts.

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