LFX Mentorship Week 1 Experience

hello, I am Sanjay Singh Rajpoot, I am currently a third-year engineering student at IET DAVV Indore. I like to contribute to open source a lot. I have been contributing to open-source for 2 years now. I like to real-world problems rather than solve questions on a coding platform. In this post, I will discuss all the key steps that I have taken so far. Let’s get started.

Moja Global and LFX

Application Process

For those who are unaware of LFX let me give you a quick info

The Linux Foundation Mentorship Program is designed to help developers — many of whom are first-time open source contributors — with necessary skills and resources to learn, experiment, and contribute effectively to open source communities. By participating in a mentorship program, mentees have the opportunity to learn from experienced open source contributors as a segue to get internship and job opportunities upon graduation.

I applied through the LFX portal. I uploaded my Resume, Cover Letter and Work Eligibility Certificate (a type of NOC). Once all these things are done you just have to wait for the results.

Now what’s important here is I am contributing to Moja Global for around 6 months now from a small typo to big features I have done them all. So my past contribution became a major reason for my selection without it my application would be viewed like all other applications.

To increase your chances of getting selected talk to the mentor make some contribution to the community and be active. I will write a detailed post regarding this.

Program Timelines

It usually happens three times a year, so you can plan and apply accordingly,

  • Spring Term: March 1st — May 31st
  • Summer Term: June 1st — August 31st
  • Fall Term: September 1st — Nov 30th

For more information, you can check the LFX Mentorship documentation.

Week 1

After getting the result I was really excited to start my journey as an LFX mentee. As I already mentioned I was already a part of the community for a long time. So for me, things were not that new. The thing that excited me the most was the technologies that I have to use.

Mostly I will be working on the Infrastructure side of FLINT. Cloud. I will use Terraform, Azure, Github actions, CI/CD, Docker and a lot more. As per the requirement, I have to learn new things and solve new problems.

For the first week, my mentor gave me some responsibilities like reviewing some PRs making code production ready and a few minor bug fixes. For the next few days, I worked on implementing Lighthouse CI. It is used to calculate the SEO performance of the website along with different standard measures.

We had a google meet in which our mentor told us about our future goals and gave us a few tips to keep things in the exact direction. I have a partner, and along with her, I will be working on a few problems. So few tasks are team-based and the others are self-based.

So this was all about it. I am learning, hustling, making things, breaking things and a lot more. However, I am enjoying things the most.

Quick info about Moja Global

Moja global is a not for profit, collaborative project that brings together a community of experts to develop open-source software that allows users to accurately and affordably estimate greenhouse gas emissions and removals from the AFOLU sector. The project’s members aim to support the widest possible use of credible emissions estimation software.

Check out their GitHub repo and thank me later bye :)



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Sanjay Singh Rajpoot

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