This is why everyone is using React Js

React Js

React Js is one of the most popular front-end frameworks to use these days. It is playing an essential role in the front-end ecosystem.

But what makes it so special?

here are some key features that come with React Js

- Simplicity
ReactJS uses JSX file which makes the application simple and to code as well as understand. We know that ReactJS is a component-based approach which makes the code reusable as your need. This makes it simple to use and learn.

- Declarative UI
This feature makes React code more readable and easier to fix bugs. React JS is the best platform to develop UIs that are both exciting and engaging not just for web apps, but for mobile apps as well.

- Enables Building Rich UI
The UI of an app is extremely important nowadays; an app with a great UI that offers an exciting browsing and shopping experience to users definitely has a much better chance of succeeding than one with a poor interface.

- One-way Data Binding:
One-way data binding, the name itself says that it is a one-direction flow. The data in react flows only in one direction i.e. the data is transferred from top to bottom i.e. from parent components to child components.

- Virtual DOM
A virtual DOM object is a representation of the original DOM object. It works like a one-way data binding. Whenever any modifications happen in the web application, the entire UI is re-rendered in virtual DOM representation.

JSX stands for JavaScript XML. It is a JavaScript syntax extension. Its an XML or HTML like syntax used by ReactJS. This syntax is processed into JavaScript calls of React Framework.

- Performance
ReactJS is known to be a great performer. This feature makes it much better than other frameworks out there today. The reason behind this is that it manages a virtual DOM. The DOM is a cross-platform and programming API which deals with HTML, XML or XHTML.

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